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Have you decided to work with Lite-Rate-Ture Book Tours? If yes, you are a blessing to our soul.

Take note: Once our website becomes more popular our prices will increase, so you better just apply early to avoid losing your wallets. My tour fee is very cheap compared to other tour websites, if you decide to work with us then contact Chyna. Our tours must have at least one giveaway. We do not discuss prices publicly since we want to negotiate. One week tours have a different fee to review request tours, Blitzs, cover reveals etc. Our fee depends on the time period and type of tour. For more questions email me.


  1. It will take a week for us to reply, but usually the next day.
  2. We have the right to accept or reject your request.

What to include in the email:

  • What type of tour do you want?
  • How do you want your tour?
  • Book Cover
  • Genre
  • YA/NA
  • Synopsis
  • Biography
  • Contact (Other ways)
  • Purchase Links (Barnes & Noble, Amazon)
  • Link to Goodreads

What to expect:

  • Customized Banners
  • Constant tweeting
  • A friendly smile
  • Payment for services


Question: What if only 5-10 bloggers joined the tour, and I paid full price?

Answer: Sorry to hear about that, not all readers would want to read the books we host, but if that’s the case the fee will of course decrease. Just to be fair for us and the author. You may cancel.

Question: I did not like the way you hosted my tour.

Answer: Sorry to hear that, but the fee will still be the same, you contacted us to promote your book so no changes will occur. You have the right to choose another tour site.

Question: I hate the tour banner you designed!

Answer: Sorry to hear that, but some of our designs are usually based on the cover of the book, we only try to work the angles on the design and try to emphasize the date set for the tour. I’m not an artist.

After the tour:

Please write a testimonial dedicated to this tour site.

Who to contact?

1. Chyna is available for contact or


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